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AMINZ - Arbitrators' and Mediators' Institute of New Zealand Inc

SCL International - SCL(Intl) is the world-wide federation or alliance of national or regional Society of Construction Law (SCL) organisations.


SCL(NZ) Members please note

SCL(Intl) publish all SCL(UK) papers and papers from other worldwide Societies of Construction Law.  Your SCL(NZ) membership entitles you to access these papers. Please email  for login information.

SCL UK - Society of Construction Law United Kingdom

SCL Australia - Society of Construction Law Australia

Research Report Melbourne Law School (with the support of SCL(Australia))
Standard forms of Contract in the Australian Construction Industry

SCL Caribbean

SCL European represents societies throughout Europe

SCL Gulf

SCL Hong Kong - Society of Construction Law Hong Kong

SCL Malaysia - Society of Construction Law Malaysia

SCL Singapore - Society of Construction Law Singapore

SCL North America- Society of Construction Law North America

General Interest Links

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